Tractor and backhoe work in wild horse mesa in San Luis

Kubota L47 Tractor

I have a brand new Kubota L47 Tractor Loader Backhoe combination rig thats equipped to handle most landowners needs up here on the Mesa. Its runs a Backhoe thumb thats great for working with heavy rocks and digging, It has front hydraulics for optional accessories like a rock bucket. The cab is enclosed and heated so winter work is possible

Tractor and backhoe work in wild horse mesa in San Luis

Excavation and road repair in San Luis

Kubota SSV75 Skid Steer Loader

Kubota ssv75 skid steer

I also operate a 2017 Kubota turbo charged high flow skid steer loader, this machine is a fast digger and loader and easily moves rocks, sage and debris with the optional rock bucket grapple. It has a heated and air conditioned cab so 4 seasons work is possible

7 Ton "Do Little" dump trailer

Got Mud? Need road base or gravel? no problem. I can dump spread road base with this neat "do little" dump trailer/spreader. I can get into pretty tight spaces and even use the tractors to actualy construct a road before applying the road base.

The typical 7 ton road base delivery and basic spread runs 195

F350 4x4 Dually Superduty Tow rig

2016 F350 Dually

This fine equipement is brought to your jobsite with this highly capable 4x4 dually towing rig. Rest assured we can make it to your site rain or shine, and with our 25 foot gooseneck trailer we can haul just about any building materials your might need delivered.

Lets go find your property

I can help you find your property up on the Mesa and give you a tour of the area. This service usualy takes 2-3 hour sand includes snacks and a super fun ride in my M998 Military spec Humvee

Tour and property locate from just 279.95


Q. What are your rates?

a. 25-95 per hour depending on the job

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

a. Yes, 75.00 per visit